2014 World Cup

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The Party Starts Now

Kris Fernandes

For those of you who don’t me I am the one Canadian journalist in the stadiums and on the streets of Brazil every night with fans from across the world trekking across this great country in what is now my third World Cup for Inside SOCCER Magazine.

I’m not here to talk about formations or question coaches decisions; I leave that to the former professionals like Jason deVos and Craig Forrest. My job – and pleasure – is to give you the raw stories and experiences with the supporters that spent their hard earned money to attend this amazing event while giving a truly authentic account of what is happening in Brazil, all touched with a distinct Canadian flavour that’ll put maple syrup to shame.

So while you’re calling in “sick” to work or running your company’s bandwidth through the roof by streaming games at your desk, check back here constantly to get the low down on what is happening here at the 2014 FIFA World Cup.



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