Summer Soccer Reads

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Two new books to read as we continue this summer of excitement for  soccer.  

CCE15072015_3Foot Notes by Laurie Ricou:  Telling Stories of Girl’s Soccer reflects on 35 years coaching girls’ and women’s soccer.  It’s a bit memoir, a bit of a guideboo k, a smattering of literary commentary, a dose of nostalgia and confessional, sprinkled with some sports journalism.  Foot Notes urges attentive listening to other’s stories as it shapes, shares, and cherishes stories of girls in soccer.

CCE15072015_2Soccer FAQ by Dave Thompson:  All That’s Left to Know About the Clubs, the Players, and the Rivalries.  It’s a fast, furious, and opinionated guide to all that has made soccer the world’s most popular sport, an all – encompassing history that introduces readers to the biggest clubs, the greatest games, the finest players, and the fiercest rivalries.  From Sunderland to Seattle, from Berlin to Buenos Aires, Soccer FAQ delves into every aspect of the sport, tracing its development from a victorious Anglo-Saxon army kicking the heads of their fallen enemies around to the multi-billion dollar industry of today.  Along the way, Thompson devotes chapters to soccer songs, soccer quotations, and, as he describes it, “the unfathomable joy of being the underdog.”

Check them out and happy reading!

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